Two OMSCS students join and three return to LucyLabs for Fall 2016

Two new students join LucyLabs this semester, working on independent research projects:


  • Dustin Watts. Dustin Watts is continuing his CS6460 project, effectively an intelligent tutoring system for music learning. Dustin will be presenting his CS6460 project at the Association for Technology in Music Instruction in late October!
  • Mason Gallo. Mason is continuing his CS6460 project, looking at behavioral patterns that predict retention and course completion in OMSCS classes.

Additionally, three previous students are returning for the Fall 2016 semester:


  • Thom Kenney. Thom’s project focuses on connecting parents with their kids’ academic experience in underprivileged areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Snejana Shegheva. Snejana is the new Maithilee Kunda and Keith McGreggor: she’s exploring building models of human cognition in intelligence tests using Bayesian reasoning.
  • Sam Bartlett. Sam is continuing his CS6460 and CS8903 projects, looking at increasing retention in MOOCs by reducing cognitive load.

Welcome and welcome back, everyone!