Two full papers accepted for ACM CompEd 2019

Two of our papers have been accepted for the inaugural ACM Global Computing Education conference, to be held in May in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

The first paper, Five Years of Graduate CS Education Online and at Scale, is co-authored by David Joyner, Charles Isbell, Thad Starner, and Ashok Goel. The paper shares the history of the OMSCS program teleologically divided into three phases: creation, experimentation, and normalization. The paper then describes the ways in which CS faculty and students contributed to its success by being able to build the things the program needed to succeed.

The second paper, Replicating and Unraveling Performance and Behavioral Differences between an Online and a Traditional CS Course, is co-authored by David Joyner and Melinda McDaniel. The paper attempts to replicates the results of our previous paper, Toward CS1 at Scale: Building and Testing a MOOC-for-Credit Candidate, and delves deeper into the mechanisms that give rise to its findings.

For the abstract and full papers, see the dedicated links below.

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