Six OMSCS students join LucyLabs for Summer 2016

This summer, LucyLabs welcomes six new students to work on independent projects.

  • Thom Kenney. Thom’s project focuses on connecting parents with their kids’ academic experience in underprivileged areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. This summer, he’ll be traveling to Gabon and testing out his tool.
  • Jace van Auken. Jace is exploring ways to bring the Maker movement into the classroom more affordably than is often required. The ambitious goal is to test it with real students this summer!
  • Bhavin Thaker. Bhavin is working to create a comprehensive ebook for the KBAI material, combining images, transcripts, exercises, and more. Soon, we hope to publish a functionally equivalent ebook that can deliver KBAI’s material in to a wider variety of student study habits.
  • Damian Durruty. Damian is developing a system to gauge classroom sentiment in online classes using IBM Watson. He’ll be integrating the system into Piazza, and we’ll be using it to see if we can identify general class trends or individual struggling students based on posting patterns.
  • Adelene Sim. Adelene is examining the role of online discussion forums in asynchronous learning. In other words, Adelene is doing the research I’ve wanted someone to do since our first semester of KBAI showed how remarkable online forum-based class communities can be!
  • Snejana Shegheva. Snejana is the new Maithilee Kunda and Keith McGreggor: she’s exploring building models of human cognition in intelligence tests using Bayesian reasoning.

Additionally, Saurav Jha, who worked on a CS8903 project in Spring, will be testing his tool in KBAI this summer for small study group formation.

Welcome, everyone!