Presenting at the 2018 Festival of Learning

This week, David Joyner is in London presenting our five accepted papers:

  • Toward CS1 at Scale: Building and Testing a MOOC-for-Credit Candidate, to Learning @ Scale 2018
  • Squeezing the Limeade: Policies and Workflows for Scalable Online Degrees, to Learning @ Scale 2018
  • Intelligent Evaluation and Feedback in Support of a Credit-Bearing MOOC, to AI in Education 2018
  • Sentiment Analysis of Student Evaluations of Teaching, to AI in Education 2018 (co-authored by Heather Newman)
  • Measuring Learner Tone and Sentiment at Scale via Text Analysis of Forum Posts, to the International Workshop on Personalization Approaches in Learning Environments (PALE) (co-authored by Michael Schubert and Damian Durruty)

For abstracts and full copies of these papers, see the dedicated links below.

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