Exam 2 (Spring 2022)

Exam 2 will cover lessons 13 (Planning) through 25 (Advanced Topics). There will not be any questions specifically about earlier lessons, although there may be questions that require knowledge from earlier lessons to answer questions about later lessons (for example, you might need to know the operators from the Logic lesson to answer questions on the Planning lesson).

The exam will consist of 22 five-answer multi-correct multiple-choice questions. All questions come from the lectures; no readings are tested on the exam.

Each of the five-answer multi-correct multiple-choice questions is eligible for partial credit. You will receive one point for each answer you correctly select, and one point for each answer you correctly leave unselected. For example, imagine the question, “Which of these are planets?” with the options Earth, the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury. If you were to select “Earth”, “the Moon”, and “Jupiter”, you would receive three points: two points for correctly selecting “Earth” and “Jupiter”, and one point for correctly leaving “the Sun” unselected.

Every question has between 1 and 4 correct answers; there is no question where no options are correct or where all options are correct. No credit will be given on any question for which you select no answers or all the answers; this is to prevent blank or completely-filled in submissions aiming for half credit with no subject matter knowledge.

You will have 90 minutes to complete the test, and you are permitted to use books, notes, or the course video material. You may not interact with anyone during the exam, but you may visit the course forum if you would like as long as you do not post.

Taking Your Exam

When the exam window opens (at least one week before the exam deadline), go to Canvas and select Honorlock on the left sidebar. This time, select Exam 2. Follow the prompts to enable proctoring, then continue to take the test.

No room scan is required. The test is open-book, open-note, open-internet: you may consult any materials you want as long as you do not interact live with another human being. This means you may not post on the course forum during the exam, text during the exam, talk on the phone during the exam, or use a separate unproctored device during the exam. Any suspected attempt to gain live support from another person during the exam will result in a student misconduct case, which can lead to a 0 on the exam, sanctions including academic probation, suspension, or dismissal, and prohibition from withdrawing from the class.

That said, remember that Honorlock is not automated proctoring: it is remote asynchronous streamlined proctoring. All violations are flagged and reviewed by the instructor or teaching assistant. In this class, you will not automatically fail your exam because someone came into the room or you had to briefly get up and answer the door. If it is clear that no unauthorized collaboration could be happening (e.g., we can hear the conversations you’re having), then there will be no repercussions.

Grading Information

This test is graded out of 110 possible points (22 questions, 5 options each). Your grade and feedback will be returned to you via Canvas. An announcement will be made via the course forum when grades are returned.