Exam 2 (Fall 2018)

Exam 2 will cover lessons 10 (Incremental Concept Learning) through 17 (Explanation-Based Reasoning).

The exam will consist of up to 15 five-answer multi-correct multiple-choice questions. All questions come from the lectures; no readings are tested on the exam.

Each of the five-answer multi-correct multiple-choice questions is eligible for partial credit. You will receive one point for each answer you correctly select, and one point for each answer you correctly leave unselected. For example, imagine the question, “Which of these are planets?” with the options Earth, the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury. If you were to select “Earth”, “the Moon”, and “Jupiter”, you would receive three points: two points for correctly selecting “Earth” and “Jupiter”, and one point for correctly leaving “the Sun” unselected.

Every question has between 1 and 4 correct answers; there is no question where no options are correct or where all options are correct. No credit will be given on any question for which you select no answers or all the answers; this is to prevent blank or completely-filled in submissions aiming for half credit with no subject matter knowledge.

You will have 60 minutes to complete the test, and you are permitted to use books, notes, or the course video material. You may not interact with anyone during the exam, but you may visit the course Piazza forum if you would like as long as you do not post.

Taking the Exam

Detailed instructions on accessing and taking the exam will be posted on Piazza at least a week before the exam. Check there for directions.

Grading Information

Each question on the exam is worth 5 points. Each exam is worth 5% of your average, regardless of whether the tests have different numbers of questions. Your grade and feedback will be returned to you via Canvas. An announcement will be made via Piazza when grades are returned.